Details and a new trailer have been revealed regarding upcoming dungeon crawler Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, as we approach its June release date.

The game clearly takes inspiration from Demon Gaze, the previous game from Experience, Inc, however the setting sees a revamp, with the forest replaced with the sci-fi backdrop of a futuristic Tokyo (or, as per the subtitle, a ‘New Tokyo’).

It wouldn’t be much of a dungeon crawler without some baddies, and this is no exception – Variants have been spawning in the abyss, with the aim of crunching the bones of innocent civilians. The longer you spend in each dungeon, the tougher the enemies that appear, however also the better drops they leave behind.

Operation Abyss also features customisation, with each member of your squad, known as the Xth, having the ability to access the genome of a historical figure using the Code Rise system, to guide their development and enable formidable skills.

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy is released on 5th June in Europe and 9th June in North America, exclusively on PS Vita (and PlayStation TV). Are you looking forward to stepping into the abyss in New Tokyo? Let us know in the comments.