We got word of a release date for Luminous Arc Infinity a few weeks ago and now we have plenty more information to share regarding the games cast and battle system.

The information, which comes from publisher Marvelous, details some of the games cast, as well as the story and battle systems from the game.


Rana (voiced by Ayaka Ohashi)

A good looking who’s not very attentive of her surroundings. Fearful of any creature that approaches her once they get large enough, she can look like she’d practically collapse from sheer nerves if left alone in their presence. She’s strangely not very good at expressing her feelings. She thinks about and feels a lot of things, but is not able to put it into words, so she’s often misunderstood. She also often speaks in questions, sometimes posing philosophical questions to herself.

Hisoka (voiced by Ayane Sakura)

A talkative and often-laughing girl. She likes setting traps, as well as puns. She’s the type you can immediately get along with, but won’t open her heart in the truest sense. More than anything, she likes to read. But not newspapers, as she’s bad with anything else printed that aren’t her books, meaning the contents go in one end and out the other immediately. She is always tolerant, and can withstand hunger, not breathing, cold weather, and such for long periods.

Kasumi (voiced by Aya Uchida)

A calm and graceful woman who displays an air of refined, noble elegance. She’s sociable, with an undying smile planted on her face. If angered, she retains her smile as she draws her sword, her speech taking a turn for the scary. Though at her core she’s fundamentally a reliable, level-headed person, she has her more air-headed moments as well. A fan of fortune-telling, she travels around the world intended to solve curse-related mysteries and is as such informed in such matters to an extent. Easily brought to tears, she handles the subject of romance so poorly that she can easily lose her cool. She’s very positive and almost never negative. One day, she hopes to be an archaeologist.

Duo Rent

The heroines of Luminous Arc Infinity have special moves called “Arts” that take advantage of each attribute. By triggering “Duo Rent” with one of them, you can borrow their Arts to attack. This system will also increase the favorability between the two characters that make use of it.

Duo Strike

Ranking above the Duo Rent is the “Duo Strike,” a technique that combines the Arts of the two characters that use it. When using the Duo Strike, the attribute of your combined Arts change depending on the weakness of the enemy, making it an extremely powerful special move.

Center Leader

Players will be able to appoint a heroine as their “Center Leader,” which boosts their attack strength in battle and awards them more experience points than they’d normally attain.

The game launches in Japan on August 6th, in the meantime, check out the bunch of new screenshots below and stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for further information.

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