Thanks to Bandai Namco, one of the three main protagonists of Ray Gigant has been detailed. And new screenshots for the dungeon-crawling RPG have been released, as well as more information on the Battle System. 

Each of the three main protagonists have their own chapters including: Ichiya, Kyle, and Nil.

A summary on Kyle Griffin and his companions can be read below;

K1yle’s Story

Holy Rock: the European defense base. This facility, set up by the military industrial complex, serves two purposes concurrently: secret research and the base of anti-Gigant operations. Almost entirely unmanned, instead predominantly managed by the AI “Annie Third,” in the wake of an attack on it by a Gigant, it’s come to be used as a regional defense base. As part of Holy Rock, Kyle Griffin, resonant with the power of Yorigami, was engaged in the fight against the Gigants.

Kyle Griffin (voiced by Wataru Hatano)

Male / 17 Years-Old / English / 180cm tall

A young man with an affinity for Yorigami while also having strong ambitions and high intelligence. Although he was born to a distinguished family, he has a twisted personality that makes him hard to please, believed to likely be because he was not blessed with the love of his mother during childhood.

Conner McBride (Voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki)

Male / 30 Years-Old / English / 180cm tall

Kyle’s friend. Once a member of the special forces, Conner is a veteran warrior who’s fought in countless battles. However, the everyday Conner is friendly and gives no sense of his personal history. He’s referred to by Liona as someone who “lacks motivation” and “irresponsible.”

Liona Kogarasu (voiced by Yu Kobayashi)

Female / 16 Years-Old / Japanese / 165cm tall

Kyle’s friend. A serious girl who battles Gigants. On her days off, she enjoys her secret hobbies of game-playing and is a collector of retro games. Her parents are journalists, and she’s said to have enlisted in the Gigant wars “in order to the unseen world.”

Ray Gigant’s parties includes three characters in Kyle’s story: Kyle, Conner, and Liona. Enemies appear in parties as well, in a battle to see who can get each others HPs down to zero first. Just like most games!


Here are details about the Battle System’s buttons and Active Points mechanics;

3-Command Battle and ActivePoints

The battle system makes use of three commands, which the player can assign to the Circle, Triangle, and Square buttons.

Each command costs AP (ActivePoints), which is shared throughout the party. Thus, when your AP is low, everyone’s actions are limited. Conversely, when your AP allows for it, you can perform several actions in a single turn.

Your selected commands are shown on the left of the screen, and you can change between characters to queue their individual actions up using the left and right d-pad buttons. While your AP is reduced as your allies attack, it will recover during enemy actions. Regardless of whether the target is friend or foe, you’ll recover more AP depending on whether the action is more powerful. Additionally, your AP will carry over after battle, meaning finishing the battle with a small amount of AP will become problematic for the next fight.

3-Command Layout

  • Circle Button – Set an attack action
  • Triangle Button – Set a defense action
  • Square Button – Set either an attack or defense action


Outside of battle, you can increase or decrease your AP depending on your choices during events. AP will also decrease if you accidentally step on traps while roaming the dungeon.

Character models and screenshots can be seen here;

Ray Gigant comes out this year on July 30th in Japan.

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