Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation recently published a preview of Bandai Namco’s upcoming JRPG Ray Gigant, and in it, have given us fresh details on some of the games combat systems.

The Three Heroes’ Yorigami

Yorigami are unknown, half-life beings that fight alongside the three protagonists. Yorigami are able to unite with humans and act as a weapon against the enemy Gigants. These beings are very intelligent, as well as capable of having conversations with humans.

Ichiya’s Yorigami Babakiri (voiced by Kenta Miyake)

Babakiri specializes in direct, large sword attacks. He both speaks and is strict like a man of the military, and is chide when it comes to speaking with Ichiya.

Kyle’s Yorigami Ansara (voiced by Nobuya Mine)

Ansara specializes in medium-range attacks with a crossbow. Though he’s one to often spew a lot of troubling remarks, he understands Kyle and, when necessary, pushes him forward along his journey.

Nil’s Yorigami Kukurukan (voiced by Mitsuki Nakae)

Kukurukan specializes in long-distance magic attacks and assistance. She carries the air of a high-class woman about her, one that knows little of the world at large. Though she mainly intends to supervise Nil as she goes about her work, there are times where she’s especially keen on fighting together. As such, their personalities are highly complimentary with one another.

All three of the Yorigami are pictured on the game’s box art.

Battle Distances

When you’re fighting against a Gigant, the viewpoint will change depending on how far away your characters are from the enemy. There are three distances you can fight at: short distance, middle distance, and long distance.

Short Distance

When fighting at the short distance, you’ll need to make use of short-range weapons like swords and axes. Do battle with physical attacks.

Middle Distance

When fighting at the middle distance, you’re further away from the range of the Gigants’ physical attacks and you’ll need to make use of mid-range actions like magic to strike the enemy, as well as assist those in the short distance.

Long Distance

When fighting at the long distance, you’re furthest away from the Gigant, and can use rifles and lay traps on the battlefield, as well as assist those in the middle and short distances.


Loki is a Gigant boss that appears during Kyle’s chapter.

Make sure you check out some new screens below, and for more information on Ray Gigant leading up to it’s July 30th make sure you keep your eyes fixed on The Vita Lounge.


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