We’ve seen quite a lot of information regarding Death Under The Labyrinth following it’s announcement earlier this year, and now we have more details on the games cast and story, thanks to the games official website.


One day, the stars stopped rotating.

Because of this, the world was covered in darkness, and it became a world plunged into perpetual dark, with monsters abound lurking about.

To return the world to its original state, it is necessary to wind the screw that controls the rotation of the stars.

Estra, a Makaishi (demon machine soldier) girl, bands together with the Guardians to conquer the four towers guarded by the Protector Gods.

There’s the five chosen Makaishi, the dark Saneishu (three shadow people), and the Meitakiryuu (mysterious dragons).

Overcome a variety of challenges and bring back light to the world.

Estra and the Guardians’ adventure begins now.

Makaishi and Guardians

The people who descended from the stars are known as Makaishi, and have the ability to use a mysterious power known as “demon machine arts.” Makaishi can also make use of robots known as Guardians.

Southern Cross and the Four Towers

The Makaishi revere at a sacred city known as the Southern Cross. It’s a city built in the shape of a cross, and features a Yellow Temple at its core. Additionally, there is a Blue Tower, White Tower, Crimson Tower, and Black Tower at its four sides, and their interiors are thought to be connected to the demon world.


  • Estra (voiced by Ayaka Ohashi) – The protagonist and one of the five chosen Makaishi. Best with earth element demon machine arts, she can’t avoid a person in need, and is both curious and a girl who takes action.
  • Flea (voiced by Sora Amamiya) – One of the five chosen Makaishi. Specializing in fire element demon machine arts, she’s determined, strong, confident, trigger-happy, and proud. She’s also a rival to Estra and the other girls.
  • Connie (voiced by Sora Tokui) – One of the five chosen Makaishi. Good with wood element demon machine arts, she’s an innocent and healthy girl, and the mood maker of the group.
  • Maki (voiced by Mai Kadowaki) – One of the five chosen Makaishi. Her best demon machine arts attribute is “gold.” She is clearheaded, calm, cool, and collected, as well as an honors student. The mission to reconstitute the stars is especially important to her, and she acts as an advice-giving older sister-like character to Estra.
  • Sethia (voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki) – One of the five chosen Makaishi. Her demon machine arts attribute of choice is “water.” She’s a shy bookworm who lacks confidence. She has a negative attitude and is always studying the expressions of others.

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