Limited Edition versions of the game have also been revealed.

Developer Inti Creates have revealed that the sequel to Gal Gun, titled Double Peace, will release in Japan this August. Gun Gal was originally released on Xbox 360 in January 2011, before eventually being ported to PS3 in Japan. The game fits into the Bishōjo game genre, meaning it includes young attractive girls, with the target audience being heterosexual males.

In Gal Gun: Double Peace the protagonist is shot with a special arrow which makes all girls fall madly in love with him. This may seem like a pretty swell deal, except that when the magic of the arrow wears off, he will never be able to get a girlfriend again! Luckily he can prevent this by finding true love, unfortunately he only has one day to do it.


As is tradition will most new Japanese releases, there will be both Limited Edition versions of the game, as well as first-print bonuses. Limited Edition versions of the game will include four DLC costumes of the “Kunoichi”, “Mystery”, “Ribbon” and “Wedding dress”. Perhaps a little more interesting is the DLC costume that comes bundled with first-print copies of the game, titled “Uniform That Got Too Destroyed”.

Gal Gun: Double Peace is set to least in Japan on August 4th for PS Vita and PS4. Although the original game was never localised for the West we still remain hopeful that Double Peace will make it to our shores.


  • Chizu

    I hope someone localizes this.

  • Nonscpo

    Definitely don’t see that every day, would be interesting if this title were localized.