Playism, a digital distribution company, will be publishing TorqueL and Croixleur Sigma on the PlayStation Network Store in North America and Europe.

TorqueL and Croixleur Sigma are known as doujin games, which is Japanese for self-published; both games are already available on the Japanese PSN Store.


TorqueL is an action-puzzler with over 50 puzzle chambers to beat. Read more about it here.

Croixleur Sigma is a hack-and-slash arcade brawler where the Knight and Aristocrat factions’ prodigies battle in the “Adjuvant Trial.” A ritual that will decide which faction holds the power.

Both have been listed for a 2015 release, with no exact date known as of yet.

  • Chizu

    It’s too bad Astebreed and Revolver360 are only heading for PS4, as those would be great on the vita.
    Croixleur is pretty fun though, may pick that up, even though I already own it on steam.

  • benzene

    So Playism is bringing Touhou and then bringing doujin games?

    The logical next step is to bring the Touhou doujin games that will be released on PS4/Vita.

    A man with a little girl avatar can dream.

  • Nonscpo

    Great hopefully this leads to more localizations of other doujin games in the future!