Spike Chunsoft have revealed lofty sales figures for the sandbox game.

 The publisher, who are responsible for bringing Terraria to Japan, have revealed that the game has sold over 500,000 copies since its Japanese release. That figure includes both physical and digital versions of the game, and tallies the total sales on all available platforms in Japan, which include the PS Vita, PS3, PS4, iOS and Android.

Although the official figures for the PS Vita version of the game were not released, it is indeed a positive sign that an indie title, which enjoyed immense success in the west, has made the transition to Asia seamlessly.

The Japanese version of Terraria includes cameos from character of the Danganronpa series, such as Monokuma, which likely led to the increased interest from the gaming community in Japan.

Terraria was well received when it was release in the west on Vita in December 2013 and you can check out The Vita Lounges review here.

  • Logan Graham

    Terraria got Monokuma? :C Dammit.