Developer Arrowhead Studios have announced that they will be releasing a new patch for their fun multiplayer shooter Helldivers which includes a bunch of bug updates as well as some new content for the game.

Already available for PlayStation 4 and coming soon for the Vita, the full patch notes have been released on the Arrowhead Studios’ website, the full list of which can be seen below.

Several Galactic Wide Web improvements have been made by Super Earth Command, resulting in:

  • Improved Cross-Friends discoverability: You can now request game info from any friend and receive up to date info from them.

  • Trophies not received from participation in War 2 should be granted if the user accesses the Armory.

  • Other Helldivers met should now show up in the “Recent Players Met” section on the PS4.

  • Each Helldiver now receives 10 Commends every week.

  • Influence displayed for the attack events is now shown in the galactic map.

  • Manually triggering Cross-Saves allowing you to be certain that your savegame has been uploaded to the cloud.


Furthermore Super Earth now allows for Helldivers to share their specially requested equipment with other local Helldivers (DLC is now shared with other local players while in the same game.)

Several equipment failures have also been corrected:

  • Veteran controller no longer affects APC speed.

  • Veteran controller mode added on the PS3.

  • Placing POI on the map no longer results in vehicle exit.

  • Jump packs no longer disappear after death.

  • Healing with REP80 no longer causes the game to crash.

  • Save icon no longer continuously displays.

  • Players no longer find themselves stuck in vehicles.

  • Turret turnspeed upgrades now functions correctly.

  • Camera now works as intended when in an APC.

  • Illuminate Councilmember now appears in the encyclopedia .

  • Minimap now closes when applying throttle in the HAV/APC.

  • Minimap pings and laser sights should now be more easily discerned by colourblind people.

Due to the ongoing war effort, Super Earth Command has instituted a new policy for ammunition conservation, resulting in the EXO-44 ‘Walker’ Exosuit being deployed with smaller ammunition reserves for its minigun.

Other equipment changes are:

  • The Airstrike Stratagem now has a shorter callin time and does more damage.

  • The Distractor Stratagem now has a smaller area in which it attracts patrols.

Intel reports from the front warn that the Illuminate have adopted new tactics for their combat units. Be alert when confronting them in field.

Several general crashes and minor issues have also been fixed, and we would like to thank the community for their support in reporting these.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re still playing Helldivers and make sure to stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more news on it as more DLC and content is in the pipeline!

  • APA

    Waiting fot the patch to be released on PS Vita!

  • Dan Smith

    Less minigun ammo for the mech? That is the only thing keeping me alive when i solo.

    • BDawg

      I remember reading an interview with some of the developers where the interviewer suggested the mech was overpowered, and the developer replied that maybe it had too much ammo. I am also a solo player and dreaded this day coming. 😛

      I’m wondering if the turret drone in one of the DLC can pick up the slack. Haven’t bought it yet.

  • MPTheGreek

    I quit around the time when they started selling weapons and gear. It was a few weeks after the game was released. It’s not funny playing with people who just bought their gear. Next time charge an extra 5 and release the full game. It was fun for a while. Now they nerf exotic suit. Lol Not enough people were buying dlc weapons it had to be nerfed.