Owen Hill from Mojang has revealed on the PlayStation Blog that Bart, Homer and co. will be heading to the PlayStation Vita as The Simpsons skin releases for Minecraft this week.

Although there has been no mention of a release date or price for the release in North America, we can probably suggest that it will release tomorrow as the European release has been dated for Wednesday 28th April – at a cost of £3.29/€3.99.

As well as bringing one of America’s most famous families to the console, it has also been revealed that a new update for the title will add a new character for players to choose from.

Alex has slightly thinner arms than Steve but she will play in exactly the same way. When this free update releases players will be able to choose from eight Alex skins, eight Steve skins and any other skins that they have purchased.

Check out the rest of The Simpsons skin images in the gallery below and let us know if this update is something that has your interest in the comments!

SOURCEPlayStation Blog EU
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