Have you been waiting patiently for news about Comcept’s upcoming Mega Man inspired Mighty No.9 title? A post on the PlayStation Blog from new publisher Deep Silver confirmed a console release date for the title – which will be September 15th – but also stated a delay for the Vita version.

Apparently the Vita version – which is being developed by Abstraction Games – was just going to be a “simpler port”, but the handheld versions actually require creation from the ground up and will therefore lead to a delay.

The blog post suggests a “shortly after”, but we have asked Deep Silver what this actually means, and enquired about the Vita getting a retail version.

Mighty No.9 is the latest game from legendary game producer Keiji Inafune and when launched on Kickstarter raised almost $4 million dollars in funding. Heavily inspired and suggested to be the spiritual successor to Inafune’s Mega Man series, the game is a 2D action platformer which sees the protagonist, Beck, face off against the other Mighty No. creations.

We will bring you more news on the development as we have it. What do you make of the delay? Would you rather Abstraction and Deep Silver took their time to release the game without issues? Or are you disappointed that yet another Vita release is going to suffer through a lack of release date parity? Let us know in the comments!

  • Hamzawesome

    That kinda sucks. I hope they at least get it out by this year.

  • Nonscpo

    I kinda don’t care anymore the hype has died down plus there was all the negativity that came out of Comcept in the aftermath of the Kickstarter campaign. Besides theres way too much to play on Vita right now, all this does is give them more time to make it the best game it can possibly be, plus by the time it comes out there will be plenty of reviews and first impressions to give people an idea of wether or not to buy it day one or wait till a sale.

  • Lester Paredes

    As usual, vita is late to the party. Oh well. There are plenty of other games I want to play, so unless it’s released at an attractive price point, I’ll probably wait for a sale or the seemingly inevitable ps+ bonus.

  • Chizu

    The more I see of this game, the less enthused I am for it. I dont really see this as being a whole lot more than mediocre at best. Which is a real shame. But ohwell. The delay is of little interest at this point.

  • Johnathan Lenig-Lopez

    I’m a bit worried about the term “Simpler port”.