It’s that time once again Vita gamers – we’re back to announce the May PlayStation Plus offerings for PlayStation Vita in both the North American and European regions.

Both Regions;
The Unfinished Swan


“Developer Giant Sparrow made big waves with this project thanks to its astounding art style and thought-provoking gameplay. Will you help find a fitting end to this fairy tale? Experience a breath-taking story filled with delightful twists.”

Race the Sun


“This minimalist racing game forces you to compete against the setting sun in what is both a deeply calming and nail-biting session. That may sound like a contradiction, but it’s true!”



“A supremely relaxing game that’s bursting at the seams with personality. Explore a crazy, colorful world, meet new friends, and just let go as you listen to the incredible soundtrack by a collection of talented artists.”

Murasaki Baby


“A strange puzzle game with an eerie atmosphere. Players guide Baby through a nightmarish landscape in search of home. It’s cute, and also a little weird.”

These four games can be yours, for the low price of a PlayStation Plus subscription – and that subscription will net you great deals on digital titles as well. If you don’t already have one, I suggest grabbing a year sub; both for the cost to coverage benefits as well as the fact that you’re not going to want it to run out on you.

  • …great Line-Up…don´t have any of the games already, like some other months!!!…but the real mindblower is the fact, that Ether One became a PS4 Plus-Title!!!…it´s such a great game on PC!!!…

  • Yoyitsu

    I’m only missing Race the Sun from that list and have yet to play Hohokum, but the other two are fantastic games. I’ve played The Unfinished Swan 4 time already (2 on PS3 (Move and DS3), PS4 and Vita) and cannot recommend it enough, specially if you’re able to do it on a PS4 with a Move controller.

  • Chizu

    A better month for Vita this one. I already own Race the Sun on pc (picked it up back in alpha), wouldn’t mind the vita verson. Dont have any of the others either.