It’s a common misconception that there is nothing in the pipeline for the Vita, which long time TVL regulars will know isn’t true. Kyle has a rather extensive list on the forum, but what games are really exciting us? We look at our collective list of ten titles that we think you simply have to own when they release later this year.



The latest title from Canadian developers Drinkbox Studios has us all pretty excited at TVL. Anyone who has played their previous hit Guacamelee! Will probably know why. Set in a “fully stylised twisted reality”, you play as a one-armed heroine who yields a living sword. Utilising touch mechanics to execute offensive and defensive moves, defeating enemies will enable you to upgrade your abilities, and as you can guess, severing enemy body parts is a key part of the game!

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight

“Critically acclaimed” is thrown around so easily these days with indie titles, but there really was something special about yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight. Described as a “hot mashup of new and old that may remind you of Mega Man, Castlevania, or Dark Souls,” you play as the eponymous Shovel Knight, a small knight with a huge quest. Shovel Knight has two goals: to defeat the evil Enchantress and save his lost beloved. He wields a Shovel Blade: a multipurpose weapon whose techniques have now been lost to the ages. The PlayStation port will also feature Kratos from the God of war series, possibly as a boss.

Danganronpa: Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls


The TVL team just can’t get enough of the Danganronpa series, and with Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair being voted as our GOTY the anticipation and execution for this title has exploded! Bridging the gap between Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair, putting you in the shoes of Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa as they attempt to escape a city full of despair. Key features of the game include third person action sequences, tons of different ammo types (such as truth bullets meant to paralyze and link), riddles, puzzles, and even some familiar faces making a surprise appearance during play.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Revelations 2

We aren’t exactly too sure when we can expect this episodic survival horror game to drop, but we do know that it can’t come soon enough. Set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, the game features Claire Redfield as the main protagonist with Barry Burton’s daughter Moira plays a supporting role. You can expect zombies, a decent story, and lots of familiar Resident Evil goodness sometime soon.

Disney Infinity 2.0


With a base unit designed specifically for the Vita and an exclusive black-suited Spider-Man figure you’d think that these were reasons enough to grab the Marvel branded version of Disney Infinity – but knowing that it will essentially be the console version has convinced us. Launching in Mid-may (and just after Age of Ultron hits cinemas) we can’t wait for this to launch.



After shooting to infamy with his previous title Thomas was Alone, Mike Bithell’s newest title has really upped the stakes. With a stealth and puzzle based re-imagining of the great Robin Hood stories and a great voice cast (as well as excellent narration), there is something here for fans of multiple genres.

Not a Hero

Not a Hero

Bafta award winning developers Roll 7 should be familiar to you now with their two reflex (and patience) testing skateboarding experiences OlliOlli and OlliOlli2 – but you might not be aware of their upcoming 2.5D cover-based shooter, which is simply incredible. An anthropomorphic rabbit/mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord needs a murderous loner to clean up the city during the election; your character heroically offers up his dubious skills with a gun and lack of self-preservation instinct to this mysterious stranger from beyond. With five districts of crime to clear and new heroes to recruit for his cause, you’ll be sliding, diving, ducking, and taking cover through hundreds of full-throttle shootouts across the city in this video game cum action movie love letter.

J-Stars Victory Vs +


Developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Games, J-Stars is an epic battle game featuring anime and manga characters from all over the spectrum. The game features a story mode where players battle through the characters respective pre-fabricated universes, a 2-on-2 battle mode (in which you can form teams of four for bragging rights), and an exclusive arcade mode – giving you three ways to kick some ass with Japanese class.

Steins; Gate


Haven’t heard of Steins;Gate? You’re not alone. Set in Akihabara, the game is a visual novel and follows a group of friends who accidentally invent a method of sending messages into their past. The discovery drags them into a world of conspiracy, where one choice can change the course of history with one move.

Mighty Number 9


Coming from legendary producer Kenji Inafune (think Mega Man), and being one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever with almost $4 million pledged, this game is considered by many to be a “spiritual successor” to the Mega Man series and shares more than just a familiar look with the title. Mighty No. 9 stars an android named Beck, the ninth unit in a set of combat robots called the Mighty Numbers. At some point a form of computer virus attacks the rest of his fellow units, as well as machines around the world. The player (as Beck) must fight the rogue robots and discover the villain who threatens the fate of the planet.

So that’s our list for now! Do you agree with us or is there something that is exciting you more than these ten? Let us know in the comments!

This article first appeared in The Vita Lounge Magazine Issue One. Look out for more exclusive content in the magazine soon!

  • sand

    good list. the only other game i would add is Bastion. Ive played it already on mobile but would love to play again on vita.
    Axiom Verge looks interesting too. Hope it will come out soon.

    • Bastion is on our lists too, just not on the top ten (yet!). Axiom Verge looks very awesome, but I worry for the Vita version…

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    My top 10 Upcoming PSVita games I’m excited for:
    1 – Mercenary Kings (Tribute Games)
    2 – Project Phoenix ( – Creative Intelligence Arts)
    3 – Disney Infinity 2.0
    4 – Night Cry (Project Scissors)
    5 – Space Hulk: Ascension (
    6 – Bastion (SuperGiant Games)
    7 – LEGO Jurassic World (WB/Traveler’s Tales Games)
    8 – Ronin of Ukiyo (Spike Chunsoft) [Japan import]
    9 – Wild Season (Quickfire Games)
    10 – Drifter (

  • chizwoz

    What about Hyper Light Drifter?

  • ThePalacePlayer

    Severed; not a big fan of touch-controls, but everyone is saying how great it is, so I’m looking forward to it.

    Shovel Knight: Played it this weekend. Loved it!

    DanganRonpa Another Episode: Love the first 2 games (not only some of the best games on Vita, but some of the best games I’ve ever played). That said, I don’t know how I feel about Another Episode. Cautiously optimistic

    Resident Evil: Not a game for me

    Disney Infinity: Not a game for me

    Volume: Looking forward to this

    Not a Hero: Cautiously optimistic

    J-Star: Big manga fan, so why not.

    Steins: Gate: The game I’m looking forward to the most right now. Realy hope it’s as good as Zero Escape

    Mighty Number 9: also looking forward to this.

    • Buckybuckster

      Great list! I share your thoughts on Severed. I only dig touch control when it’s implemented properly (which is very rare IMHO). But everything I read on Severed says it’s one of the most innovative touch games ever. We shall see I guess. But I have to admit my interest for it is growing.

      • ThePalacePlayer

        Same, and I love everything Drinkbox have made, so I’m definitely gonna buy it

  • Karl Smith

    What about Octodad?

  • Lester Paredes

    Ha! Disney Infinity 2.0… Yeah, that’ll sell well when this just leaked… I hate late ports with the fury of a thousand suns.

    • Buckybuckster

      Activison : Hey Vita owners Infinity 2.0 is coming to your system!
      Vita owners : Hell yeah!!!
      Activison : Everyone else gets Infinity 3.0 Star Wars!!
      Vita owners : Oh hellll no!

      I seriously hope the sales (or lack thereof) of 2.0 will not be the main factor to determine if Vita owners are worthy enough to get a version of 3.0.

      • Lester Paredes

        Sadly, I’m sure it will. They’ll looj at the sales and say, see, no one wanted it. Never once seeing that 3.0 ruined it’s chances.

  • staticshade

    These are the games i’m looking forward to

    Super Time Force
    Hyper Light Drifter
    Not a hero

    • Buckybuckster

      Excellent choices all! Not A Hero really looks insane!

  • montie1965

    In no order.

    1. Luminous Arc : Infinity
    2. The Banner Saga
    3. Dragon Fin Soup
    4. Rainbow Skies
    5. Oddworld New & Tasty
    6. Bombing Bastards (bomberman type of game)
    7. HTR Slot Car Simulation
    8. Geometry Wars 3 : Dimensions
    9. Drifter (closest thing to Elite for the p.s. vita)
    10. and possibly project phoenix

    I wonder how many of these will get finally released ?

    • Buckybuckster

      Nice List! Had completely forgotten about many of those. Happy to see someone is anticipating Rainbow Skies as much as I am!

      • montie1965

        Most on my list are turn base tactical games , which I enjoy.(currently playing Hyperdevotion Noire : Goddess Black Heart.)
        The rest are fillers for the list. (except Drifter.I have high hopes for Drifter).

  • GeminiR

    ANY Gundam game that gets translated to the west… 😛

  • Nonscpo

    Looking forward to Shovel Knight, Dangan Ronpa Another Episode, Steins;Gate, and J Stars.

  • Justin Yeske

    Darkest Dungeon. I’ve played just enough of the PC early access to know that this is by far my most anticipated Vita game. Am I the only one that would really like to see a good Hearthstone like card game on Vita though?

  • Chesterlots

    Personally can’t wait for Starbound. It has great potential if ported right!

  • Blatta

    Great Mighty Number 9 screenshot, shame it’s only the old concept one. I played the beta recently and – while nice enough – it was hardly a “legendary” experience, especially after the incredible Kickstarter. 3,845,170 dollars (!) for a game which looks (and plays) inferior to many smaller indie titles : /

    • Buckybuckster

      Bullshots are the worst aren’t they! What shocks me the most is how far away the actual graphics are from the concept. Still looking forward to it but after seeing the game in action, it isn’t with as much gusto.

      • Blatta

        I played the demo and came away even more disappointed. Nice enough but hardly what you expect after the said Kickstarter.

  • What’s great about reading your lists it just how varied the upcoming vita library is, and how many awesome games are actually coming. So many titles to add to the amazing library that’s already available. That backlog is just going to get bigger…