Long-time Vita supporters Curve Studios have let us know that their upcoming arcade shooter Ultratron will be launching on PSN next week.

Imagined as a modern take on Robotron for the PlayStation generation and launching with cross buy for £7.99/€9.99 the premise is simple. The human race is extinct; and you are last remaining battle droid, and your mission is to avenge the humans. You can upgrade your droid with power ups and battle across more than 40 levels avoiding all sorts of enemies including Chasers, Turrets, Spawners, Minelayers, bombs, and bullets, and take on the four giant boss “Robots of the Apocalypse” – Ieiunitas, Bellum, Lues and Letum.


The game as been developed by Puppygames, who also collaborated with Curve for Titan Attacks! who have created the game with the classic old-school gameplay of the arcade days, with modern twists to bring the genre up to date. With many trophies, unlocks and upgrades designed to keep players challenged way into the night. The visuals are said to be “hypnotic”, that is modern, with a retro twist. It’s even designed to have a simulated CRT screen curve to mimic the arcade cabinets of yesteryear.

If you haven’t yet experienced Titan Attacks!, Curve have also said that there will be an ‘Arcade Apocalypse’ bundle for £9.99 /€11.99/$11.99 for PlayStation gamers which will give you both games at that price.

Have you been waiting for Ultratron? Are you as old as me and remember Robotron? Let us know in the comments!

  • …looks like a nice time-waster for inbetween!!!

  • pimlicosound

    “Are you as old as me and remember Robotron?”

    Slightly younger than you, but I do remember playing Robotron in the arcades. Always reminded me a lot of Defender, in how it looked and played.

    Sadly, I have stronger memories of playing Beserk on the Atari 2600, which was the closest at-home experience I could get to Robotron at the time. I’ve just looked up a video of it to remind myself how slow and awful it was.

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks cool. Although I hope Puppygames/Crave show a little restraint on the power-ups this time around. Your ship in Titan Attacks eventually became so ‘roided up, it became far harder to die than not. The lack of challenge ruined an otherwise fun old school shoot’em up.