5pb are bringing Lovely x Cation 1 & 2 to Vita as a dual release package (including the first and second games), but that’s not the only perk we’re getting!

One of the new features added to the game on its journey to PlayStation Vita is the augmented reality camera mode, which lets you take a picture with one of the heroines. You can even choose from various poses to find the best position to take your photo.

According to 5pb, there’s also been a big increase in additional scenarios and main events, meaning that there are even more opportunities to make memories with the game’s characters.

The additions and cool features just keep coming, and next we look at the Lovely Call feature – where you can pick a pet name for the heroines to call you by.


There’s also the Hobby Tuning system, which lets you deepen the bonds you’re making with the girls by taking into account choices you make in the game.

The second game in the package – Lovely x Cation 2 – has a few exclusive features that the original doesn’t, including Lovely Shot and Walking Talk. Lovely Shot is a system by which you can get QR codes from events to save those scenes as wallpaper, and Walking Talk lets you go on walks with the heroines once you get to a certain level of intimacy called “above friendship”.

Lovely x Cation 1 & 2 will release in Japan on May 21st, with no news yet on a Western localization.