For those of you in the US that have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0 on the Vita, that wait is now over and is in stores today!

The Vita version of the game, which has been developed by panic Button Games, will be available exclusively in Gamestop for $59.99, and the game comes with the Spider-Man Play Set Piece, an EXCLUSIVE Black suit Spider-Man figure, two Toy Box game Discs, a Web Code Card and a USB recharging cable to go with the unique to Vita Bluetooth Wireless base.

PS Vita Starter Pack

Additionally, we have been told that if you get the game in the first week, you will also get the Avengers Play Set – which includes Iron Man, Black Widow and the Avenger’s Play set Piece – for free!

Our understanding is that the game will release in Canada next week through EB Games, and the UK date is listed as May 22nd.

Have you been looking forward to the game? I know I have – and should have a review for you soon.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sudden and unexpected release. Doesn’t bode well for quality… hopefully, I’m wrong.

    • Initial feedback I’m hearing is an impacted frame rate, especially in the Toy Box but it is playable and fun.

      • Lester Paredes

        you are correct. The framerate kinda stinks, but the game is still fun. I got it the other day. Turns out currently gamestop is giving you the Avengers Play Set for free with it. That’s normally $40 here in NA, and you get Iron Man and Black Widow.

  • Nonscpo

    How is a Gamestop exclusivity going to help spread awarness? Oh well as long as it moves units and put Vita’s into good homes is all that counts.

    • The exclusivity seems to be just in NA though (with EB Games having the game in Canada) and more widely available elsewhere. It seems.
      But restricting to one retailer isn’t going to help with awareness at all. Perhaps that is the point, and they don’t want it so widely available. Which makes no sense.

  • Yoyitsu

    The lack of a trailer and no fanfare for the release has me worried. It seems GS is the only game retailer really supporting physical Vita editions (Ex. Tales of Hearts R and One Piece: Unlimited World Red).