Falcom reveals details of a new party member along with battle features.

Accompanied with the new character profile, we were also treated to new battle features for the upcoming JRPG, Tokyo Xanadus. But before we delve into those, lets learn more about the new team member.

His name is Yuuki Shinomiya, and he is a bright egg. Very bright in fact. He has an IQ of 180. He is not the most social of people though, and more often that not will give people the cold shoulder. For certain reasons however, Yuuki has not been turning up for school.


Don’t judge him on his small frame however, as his weapon of choice is a huge mallet, and he sure can use it to its full ability. He also uses a ‘Spirit Peridium’, which although not confirmed, sounds as if it has an affinity with the spirit particles from the Other World that the Soul Device weapons are made from.


We were also given two new battle features, titled the ‘X Strike’ and ‘X Drive’.

The X-Drive is a special ability that provides special abilities to the entire party. Not much is known about how it works, but it provides abilities such as speed up and strength and will vary depending on the characters you have in your party.

The X-Strike is a special attack. Below is an image showing an example of the X-Strike, showcased by Kou. His unique X-Strike ability is ‘Extend Gear‘. It surrounds his Soul Device weapon, Anchor Gear, with a red aura, and wings its towards the enemy to deal major damage.


Tokyo Xanadu is set to release in Japan on September 30th 2015, and we await details of a western release.

  • Buckybuckster

    Someone PLEASE localize this piece of Falcom gaming bliss! I gotta have it!!

  • Nonscpo

    Damn this game still looks good for a Vita game!