Helldivers is getting ready for a free update that is going to add a bunch of new content to the game. This new batch of DLC, dubbed “Turning Up The Heat” will add several new mission objectives and enemy types to the game.

Let’s take a look at what has been revealed.

In two videos posted by Arrowhead, we get a good look at some of the new content that will soon be coming. The first video details the new mission objectives players will have to complete.

The first new objective involves repairing an artillery cannon and then collecting shells that will be scattered around the area. Players will need to collect them one at a time and load them into the cannon.

Next up is the Geological Survey. This mission requires players to call down a drill that will take geological samples of the planet. The goal is to defend the drill and prevent its destruction while it accomplishes its task.

And lastly we have the Search for Unexploded Ordinance. Players will need to break out a metal detector and sweep in area to locate bombs that have failed to explode. Once the ordinance has been located, players will have to defuse the bomb. Be careful though because one small mis-step and you’ll be met with instant death.

In addition to the new missions, there will also be a number of new enemy types as well. Again, Arrowhead released a video to highlight three of these menaces to freedom and democracy.

The first one we learn about is the Illuminate Obelisk. This enemy is a support type that generates a large wall of energy that prevents the player from moving or shooting through it. The catch is that Illuminate can freely move through it at any time. Players will also meet an untimely death if they’re caught in the path of the wall when it’s being generated. The Obelisk will teleport around the area and Helldivers will have to take its shield out before destroying it.

The new enemy from the Cyborg worlds is the Cyborg Hound. These new creatures are fast and will chase down a running a Helldiver. The good news is that they’re not heavily armored so they should be easy to kill, but when they attack in numbers, this could prove to be difficult.

And lastly we have the new bug menace, the Impaler. This large, tank-like bug has the ability to burrow its large tentacles in the ground and have them pop up near the player. This tactic prevents player movement into certain areas while at the same time lashing out to kill you. The good news is that while the Impaler has its tentacles buried, it will be vulnerable to attack. Naturally you’ll just want to get it over quick with a blast from an anti-tank missile.

One other new addition that has not been mentioned yet is an increase in the level cap. Currently players are limited to reaching level 25 while the Helldiver in these videos is at 27. Hopefully we’ll hear more on further additions in the near future.

Helldivers: Turning Up The Heat should be available in the coming weeks. We will bring you more information as it’s released.

  • Galiae’d

    Have they patched the frame rate drops on the vita version yet?

  • darkknezz

    This game is awesome! Looking forward to the new updates. I need some psn friends that play this. Hit me up if anyone is interested. PSN DarkScollo