The cat is definitely out of the bag on this feline-themed puzzler.

Last year saw the release of CatsBlock Vestival in Japan on PS Vita, which brought a much needed cuteness to the match-3 puzzle genre. For all you feline fanatics, REJOICE as it has now been revealed that Neko Entertainment will be bringing the puzzler to western Vita owners, and better still, we can get our claws into it later this year.

For the western release, the title will be re-named Nekoburo CatsBlock with the overall gaming experience remaining the same. The game tells the story of a group of cat-like aliens who find themselves stranded on earth. Alone and quite scared, the leader of the cat aliens Totan befriends a teenage girl who sets out to help him find the rest of his litter.


Although the game sits comfortably on the lap of the match-3 genre, there are welcome additions to the formula to give the game a unique feel. You can use a host of Totans alien gadgets in each level to your advantage and each of the different cats has their own unique personality all spawning from their obsession with Earth TV.

Outside of the puzzler gameplay, you can decorate your own room to really make it the cats pyjamas, by adding furniture and toys which can be used to interact with the different cats. For a better insight into the gameplay, check out the original Japanese trailer below.

We await a firm western release date Nekoburo CatsBlock, and you can bet that TVL will be on hand to give you all the latest details (and a scratch under the chin) as we get them! Purrrrrfect.

  • Lester Paredes

    Cool. This game looks so adorable.

  • Buckybuckster

    Love puzzlers. Love cats. A no brainer for me!