Marvelous gives us a better insight into the games base of operations.

Luminous Arc Infinity’s release is under 3 months away, and the official website for the game has recently been updated to give players a better idea of how Floatia, the floating city where you base will be, will look like. Check out the images below

[Apologies for the slightly smaller than average images]

Control Room

The central point of Floatia. In this area you can also control the giant water-producing ‘Lapis Spring’.

Luminous2 Luminous1


The water from the ‘Lapis Spring’ can be seen flowing throughout the corridors. This is also where you can find the rooms of the Heroines.

Luminous3 Luminous4

Dining Hall

A large, clean dining area where you can enjoy Aqua’s cooking. This area is scarcely used, and is always half empty.

Luminous5 Luminous6

Power Room

This is where everything on Floatia is powered. The floating city is powered by ‘Gravity Lapis’.

Luminous7 Luminous8


This is the best area to explore if you’re looking to feel close to nature. It is outside and is the best area to relax.Luminous9


Located in the centre of Floatia, its small size is made up for by its incredible beauty. This is where the ‘Poetic Ceremony’ takes place, which is how the ‘Lapis Spring’ gets its magical power.




Of course no city is complete without a pool. They are considered a luxury and are what visitors to the city most look forward to seeing.

Luminous13 Luminous14


Luminous Arc Infinity will release for PS Vita on August 6th 2015, and you can bet that we will keep you up to date on all the latest information regarding the RPG as and when we get it!

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