PQube and Rice Digital have confirmed an early June release for the visual novel port Steins;Gate.

Originally targeting a May release date (as per a banner on PQube’s site), the 5pb developed visual novel has now been pegged as having a June 5th release in Europe – both physically and digitally.

Retailer GAME will be stocking their own exclusive limited edition version of the game which looks something like this – coming with a special edition box, an art book, and a copy of the game;

SG_GameEdition_v2-600x481Looks pretty good, right?

Don’t forget there’s always Rice Digital’s El Psy Kongroo edition as well, which looks like this – and comes with all of the items in the GAME limited edition as well as Future Gadget Lab replica pin badges and a metal upa replica (plus free worldwide shipping!);


As for the fate of the North American version, PQube’s Head of Marketing Geraint Evans said;

“The US version is still in submission — for a second it was looking like we would have to make a change to the game, and obviously this is something we did not want to do. Thankfully Steins;Gate will remain intact. We’ll update on release timings when it exits Sony submission in the US.”

It looks like Steins;Gate is almost here (even in North America) – so even though it’s a tad later than expected, aren’t you excited?


  • mulano

    Finally, cannot wait!

  • Devin Hudson

    Has there been any word on whether or not North America is getting a physical release? It seems weird that it currently isn’t available to pre-order anywhere, which leads me to believe it may be digital-only here.

    Between this and the fact that Europe is getting it early, I’m kinda glad I ended up pre-ordering that Rice Digital LE.

    • Nonscpo

      If it is digital only something tells me Rice Digital is going to do very well with the sales of this particular title!

  • Nonscpo

    Why would you even be worried about having to make changes to this game? This isn’t some moe go happy dating game that people lose there minds over, and go on to start moral panics or moral crusades against retailers.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I read about that possible change to the game – what could have been so wrong in it to consider changing it? Maybe some Trademark violation or something?