First English Screenshots showcased for upcoming Western release.

Back in April we brought you the news that Idea Factory would be bringing their Otome Visual Novel to the west, and we have now been treated to the first English Language screenshots.

The heroine of the game, as the title suggests, has lost all her memories and has no idea who she is. Your life depends on keeping your bout of Amnesia a secret, whilst at the same time navigating relationships with five men. Along for the journey is a spirit named Orion, who will assist in your quest to find your lost memories.

The screenshots above depict the romantic paths you can choose, which are divided into different worlds that are tied to each lover. The above show us Shin’s Heart World and Toma’s Diamond World.

Amnesia: Memories is set to release in both Europe and North America at some point in August, and TVL will be first on the scene as soon as we know when that date will be.

  • Nonscpo

    OMG a Fifty Shades of Grey add on an article for an Otome game…hajahaja, now that’s what I call advertisement 😉

  • Shay Batty

    Yeah, this looks awesome! I’m really liking the art style too.