CollectOrb from Daish Games has released onto the PlayStation Store and with it an official release trailer has been uploaded to YouTube for those that want to see the game in action before they buy.

The game is an unforgiving navigation-based puzzler that has been built for the handheld using the Unity3d engine. In the game you will need to navigate a glowing orb through stages that are cloaked in darkness to collect cubes that are dotted around each area.

The game has been designed and programmed by Peter Daish and features an original soundtrack from composer and co-designer Thomas Daish.

The game is available via the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Store and is surely worth a look given its low price-point!

Check out the release trailer below and be sure to give Daish Games a follow and show some support on Twitter!

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  • Nonscpo

    Hey now this is a nice change of pace, any chance you all gonna cover more PS Mobile games, or is the cause already lost for the TVL staff?

  • Buckybuckster

    Charlie, am I missing something? I thought PSM was scheduled to be sacked by now. I checked the other day and saw that it’s still up and running. As for Collect Orb, it does seem to have an intriguing premise.