The official website for upcoming PlayStation Vita title Tokyo Xanadu has shed some light on the game’s newest character, Yuuki Shinomiya.

It has been previously revealed that Yuuki is a genius, with an IQ of over 180, who possesses exceptional programming and hacking skills. Even though he is just 16 years old, Yuuki has been making big money through the stock market and application development.

Living in a luxurious apartment, Yuuki does appear to be quite the snob – looking down on the common folk that he has to share oxygen with. Yuuki has enrolled himself at a local high school, but only so that he can get a graduation qualification – his attendance is minimal and the other students don’t really know him!

Yuuki developed an app called ‘As God Says’ that became hugely popular among the younger generation, but this app also get Yuuki into a certain, unexpected incident!

When in combat, Yuuki utilises a long mallet and a weapon known as ‘Spirit Peridium’ which he can freely control. Yuuki’s regular attacks are pretty powerful and do have a good reach, but they are not the quickest!


There is also the ‘Lambda Shot’, where Yuuki uses his will to manipulate the Spirit Peridium so that it shoots out energy. This shooting skill can be used whilst Yuuki is on the move.


There is an aerial skill called ‘Ideal Attack’ which makes use of the Spirit Peridium to surround Yuuki with a barrier. You will then use this barrier to dash into enemies – with enemies that come into contact with the barrier taking damage.


Last but not least is Yuuki’s heavy skill, known as ‘Gram Impact’. This skill sees Yuuki attach the Spirit Peridium to the tip of his mallet, combining weapons to vastly increase his attack as he smashes the ground. This skill provides an extra boost as it combines the mallet’s regular strength and the energy that the Spirit Peridium provides.

Set to release for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for all the latest news regarding Tokyo Xanadu as and when it happens!

  • Lester Paredes

    This game keeps looking better and better. Hipe they bring it west.

    • Nonscpo

      Agreed this is one good looking game, kinda has a Freedom Wars look to it.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Western release or not (I’m studying Japanese) i’ll be purchasing this. Looks awesome!

  • Buckybuckster

    I plan on throwing one hellacious temper tantrum outside the XSeed HQ until they confirm a localization!