Horror titled was originally destined for the now defunct PlayStation Mobile.

Takaaki Ichijo, the solo member for devloper Throw the Warped Code Out has given further information on his upcoming 32-bit horror title Back in 1995 at the Tokyo Indie Fest. During the Twitch stream for the event, the developer stated that he originally envisaged the game releasing for PlayStation Mobile, but is now in discussions with Sony to bring the title to PSN for PS Vita and PS3. Although Ichijo is aiming for a winter 2015 release, he is still in search of a publisher to make this happen.


Footage showcased at the Tokyo Indie Fest was on a PS Vita, which does make it more than likely the game will release on everyones favourite handheld, providing a publisher can be found.

Although little is known in regards to the games story, during the Twitch stream gameplay footage was shown which did give us an idea of how the game will unfold. In the footage the main protagonist was shown hitting monsters with a pipe and searching for documents that can be used to find keys for locked doors. The story starts with you being told to find someone in a distant tower. You can watch the footage here, with the Back in 1995 footage being around the 1 hour 9 minute mark.

What are your first impressions on this potential new addition to the PS Vitas horror library? Let us know in the comments below, and of course TVL will keep you up to speed with everything Back in 1995 as and when we get it.

  • Lester Paredes

    It looks terrible. This is the time in gaming that has aged the worst. I recommend that developers just not even try to tap into nostalgia for this 32 bit era.

    Other than that it could be good. I hope it’s story is relatively disjointed, a little bit confusing, and poorly voice acted (if voice acting is in the cards), because those were some of the unintentionally best parts of the PS1’s life.

  • Valkyrine

    I know what they are trying to do here but personally this game doesn’t interest me. 90’s 3D games don’t hold up like 2d Sprites. This game does look pretty bad.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I have to see it in motion to judge its looks and its potential to inspire fear.