Compile Heart has revealed that in their upcoming PlayStation Vita title Destroyer Trillion you will be able to revive on of the six Demon Lord girls that fight alongside you.

One of the premises of the game is that these Demon Lord girls will die during the battle against Trillion, however it has now been revealed that you can choose one of the girls to stay by your side until the end through the power of love.

If you let all six of the Demon Lords die you will be met with the game over screen but if you have one Demon Lord with a maxed-out intimacy level you will activate a ‘Love Jewel’ event – a special power that will allow you to bring one of the Demon Lords back to life providing their intimacy level is maxed.

The Love Jewel was originally entrusted to Uriel from God, so it truly is a gift from Heaven! He tried to give the jewel to Zeablos, but was told that the demon race has no time for love – so the jewel was thrown into a storage room in the castle. The Love Jewel will only let you pick one of the Demon Lord’s to revive, so although you can max out the intimacy level of more than one of the girls you will need to choose which one you want to keep by your side wisely!

Rumour has it that the Love Jewel will release a special power in response to the feeling of true unconditional love from the person that wields it. As you increase your intimacy levels with the Demon Lords you will trigger special events. Furthermore, defeating Trillion whilst in an intimate condition will unlock a special ‘lovey-dovey ending’.

Set to release in Japan on 23rd July, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for more news on Destroyer Trillion between now and the game’s release!

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