PQube has released a character trailer for their upcoming, eagerly awaited, visual novel Steins;Gate.

Set to release in Europe for the PlayStation Vita on June 5th, the trailer gives us a glimpse at the main characters that will feature in the game.

To compliment this, the official website for the game has also been updated to give us a bit of info around these characters, which you can find below;

Okabe Rintaro


“I am the founder of the Future Gadget Lab, Lab Mem Number 001, the insane mad scientist Hououin Kyouma!”

An eccentric, self-proclaimed mad scientist and founder of the ‘Future Gadget Lab’, a small group of friends with ambitions of global domination.

Okabe is usually arrogant, and believes himself capable of conquering the world, though his plans are often thwarted by the Organization.

Mayuri Shiina


“Tutturu♫ Call me Mayushii! I like making costumes more than wearing them.”

Okabe’s long time friend, Mayuri enjoys creating cosplay costumes and works part-time at maid cafe MayQueen with Faris.

She is always positive, and greets everyone with a friendly ‘tutturu’! Mayuri likes to create portmanteaus of people’s names: ‘Okarin’ to mean Okabe, for example.

Itaru Hashida




Stop calling me that! It’s super hacker, duh.

An experienced computer programmer and an Otaku through and through.

His affection for Faris can often lead him to say crude things aloud.

Makise Kurisu


Let me start by saying that time travel is an absurd concept.

An extremely talented neuroscience researcher at an American university.

Kurisu is drawn into the world of Okabe because of her scepticism in his experiments.

Faris NyanNyan


Are you holding another secret meeting to overthrow the evil Organisation, nya?”

Faris is the most popular waitress at the Maid Café ‘MayQueen NyanNyan’, where she adopts cat-like mannerisms and adorns cat ears. She likes to play along with Okabe’s mad scientist persona, calling him Kyouma, and discussing the Organisation.

Faris is also a hardcore RaiNet AccessBattlers card game player and hosts the Faris Cup tournament at the MayQueen.

Moeka Kiryu



Moeka is a shy young woman that relies heavily on here mobile phone, preferring to communicate with people through text message, even if they are nearby.

Suzuha Amane


If you’re ever in trouble, Okabe Rintaro, let me know. I can help with stuff like that.

A part-time assistant for the landlord of Okabe’s apartment.

She enjoys riding her bicycle around.

Luka Urushibara


Ah, umm. El…Psy…Kongaloo…?

Although wearing female garments and acting in a very feminine manner, Luka is a dude.

Because of this, he is very shy and self-conscious, and unsure of his true feelings.

So there we have the the main cast for Steins;Gate, check out the trailer below and let us know whether you will be picking up this game when it releases in the West next month!


  • Ichigo Yoite

    Preordered ages ago and can’t wait for it! I hope it lives up to my expectations 😀

  • zelduck

    Day 1

  • Nonscpo

    So excited >_<