A whole host of new screenshots have been released for Bandai Namco‘s dating sim Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent with You which shows us all of the girls that you will be able to interact with when the game releases this Summer.

Originally released as a smartphone game called Girl Friend Beta, the Vita version offers more in-depth relationships and events with the eight girls that feature in the title, however there are less girls here than the number that featured in the popular smartphone version.

Taking place during the summer, you will be able to take the girls to various dating spots around the Kiyoshi Sakura Academy, take part in various club activites or just soak in the summer on the beach! Additionally, the game will feature voiceovers from popular Japanese voice actresses with the original storyline featuring fully-voiced events and conversations.

In Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent with You, multiple girls may appear on the screen at once, which will add to the relationships you will need to work on to win over their hearts. In the game’s menu you will be able to check out the relationship parameters and you will also be able to hear voice samples, see costumers and other information.

Here’s is a glimpse at the girls that will feature in the game;

Kokomi Shiina (Voice Actress: Satomi Sato):



Fumio Murakami (Voice Actress: Kaori Nazuka):



Erena Mochizuki (Voice Actress: Hitomi Harada):



Chloe Lemaire (Voice Actress: Sakura Tange):



Miss Monochrome (Voice Actress: Yui Horie):



Akane Sakurai (Voice Actress: Rina Sato):



Nae Yuuki (Voice Actress: Rina Hidaka):



Momoko Asahina (Voice Actress: Yui Ogura):



Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent with You is set to release in Japan on August 20th, take a look below for more screens from the game and be sure to check The Vita Lounge for more on this title as soon as we have it!

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    Who doesn’t want to spend their summer in Beta mode?