Gust’s new JRPG, Yoru No Nai Kuni was revealed just a week ago, and now the first preview for the game has been published online, giving us a fresh look at the characters, the story and the weapons in the game.

The story is set around people who were once human, after a battle with a creature known as the ‘Ruler of the Night’ is won by humans, the world is polluted with blue blood, causing anyone who bathes in it to change into a creature known as a ‘Jayou’. While day to day life continues at normal, once nighttime arrives, the ‘Jayou’ come out to play.

Since the arrival of the ‘Jayou’, the cityfolk are no longer able to sleep at night, and this has caused people to refer to the city as ‘The Land with no Night’. When a particular girl bathes in the Blue Blood, she gains bloodsucking abilities and she lives for the denizens of the Land Without Night, and she fights onward as the sacrifice of the night.

The land of no night is no regular place and it cannot be found on any map, but the city is the location of a story of 2 girls’ love a story of both life and battle not shared by anyone thereafter. This is a story based upon their true love, which is both sadder than anything else and yet more beautiful than the moon itself.

Character information was also revealed in the preview, check out the information below;

  • Arnas (voice by MAO) – She’s a holy knight that serves the Catholic Church. Once, she touched the blood of the Ruler of the Night, and became half-human, half-monster. She has a bloodsucking ability coming from her monster side, and she fights with a demon sword created from her own blood. She is described as both calm and quiet at first, although she has a strong passion buried within.
  • Lyuritis (voice by Hiromi Igarashi) – She is the saint of the current era. Her destiny is set to seal away the Ruler of the Night, in exchange for her own life. Arnas is Lyuritis’ childhood friend, from their boarding school. While she only vaguely understands the roles of the curia, she has accepted her destiny as a saint. She goes by the nickname “Lulu.”

The battles within the game can be won with the aid of demon servants, known as ‘Servan.’ Arnas can form contracts with the Servan, and can summon them for help within battles, with 2 variations of them known as far. As you can expect, attack are offense based, while support will aid you in recovering health, or applying buffs. You’ll be able to contract the help of servan with an item called the “yorishiro.” As you fight with your demons, they’ll grow and unlock new traits alongside Arnas.

Yoru No Nai Kuni is set to launch in Japan on August 27th and we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one as it nears release, let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking this one up, in the meantime, check out some new screenshots below.


  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool.

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    Sounds so yuri.

  • EndRant

    Really wish I didn’t see this cause I want it and it might not come to the states.