Falcom has revealed a fifth character who will be joining your party in the upcoming Tokyo Xanadu and she goes by the name of Mitsuki Hokuto.

Mistuki Hokuto

The daughter of a corporate giant, Mitsuki Hokuto is a kind-hearted, third-year student and class president at Morimiya High School. The family business, the Hokuto Group, is being looked after temporarily by Mitsuki’s grandfather after her father sadly passed away.

Although a calm and kind-hearted girl, Mitsuki packs some incredible negotiating skills. It is rumoured that she knows about a connection between an organisation known as the Zodiac and the Other World, as well as knowing details on the organisation that Asuka works for.

We also get a look at some of Mitsuki’s skills which you can see in the screenshots here;

Shooting Skill: Innocent Edge


Using this skill will see Mitsuki launch a sword of light towards the enemy. When locked on, it’ll pursue the target.

Aerial Skill: Wonder Staff


Wonder Staff creates a magic formation in mid-air, and Mitsuki rides her staff like a witch’s broom travelling at super high speed.

Heavy Skill: Hermit Shell


This move temporarily grants a wall of perfect defence, and you are able to still attack enemies while using the skill.

X-Strike: Chaos El Dorado

Here Mitsuki shoots black and white magic attacks, then fuses the two together to create one giant golden magic sphere to crush enemies.

We also learn more about some of the other characters that will feature in the game;

Seijuro Hokuto


The current president of the Hokuto Group, Mitsuki’s grandfather is 70 years old and he is pretty strict! He hasn’t been to fond on seeing his sons arguing over who will takeover the company but he does have a soft spot for Mitsuki – allowing her to handle some of the company’s business!

Kyoka Yukimura



Kyoka Yukimura is the secretary of the Hokuto Group and has Mitsuki’s deepest trust. The model employee, Kyoka always excels when it comes to performing her duties and she also supports Mitsuki’s work in Morimiya City. Mitsuki tends to hide her feelings from most but she shares them with Kyoka – who she views as an older sister figure.

Yukimura is also a member of the Zodiac, and she knows about the Other World. Kyoka has been training herself for battle in order to protect both Mitsuki and the president.


70 years ago there was a technological revolution, and a group of 12 giant companies ran both the economy and the industry. By using the Other World, the Zodiac gained more power and influence than that of a nation. This is something that the Zodiac don’t like to display, and they will avoid interfering with inter-nation disputes at all costs.

Companies from around the world co-operate and compete with one another as part of the Zodiac, where they work on and develop new things such as new energy types, the Xiphone, the Guidance Network and anything else they can create using the new materials that are found in the other world.

The Hokuto Group have been part of the Zodiac from the start and are one of only two companies from Japan that are part of the group. The other company is the Amano Corporation who joined several years ago when they replaced a company that left the Zodiac.

The Zodiac will co-operate with Nemesis when it comes to Soul Devices and new technology, but when it comes to the handling of the Other World they do not see eye-to-eye!

Releasing in Japan on September 30th, Tokyo Xanadu does sure look like a game worth keeping an eye on! Be sure to check The Vita Lounge regularly for more on this title as soon as we have it!

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