The latest Lost Dimension trailer focuses on Mana and George – two S.E.A.L.E.D. members you don’t want to mess with.

Capable of being either valuable allies or formidable foes, Mana and George are just two of the characters who could end up being on the list of five traitors you’ll encounter during the game.

Check them out in their very own trailer;

Also, we’ve got a few details on them via Atlus & NicheGamer;

  • Lover of all things cute, Mana Kawai isn’t afraid to run in and pummel away at her foes with her bare hands. When her targets get wise to their impending beating and stay out of melee range, she can just hurl debris or create earthquakes to hit them instead.
  • Just as brave is George Jackman, who fights for the glory of freedom and justice! George cuts his enemies down with a deadly katana and can also amplify his damage through psychometry.

Was that enough of an introduction yet? (o_~)

Lost Dimension is due out in North America on June 28th, with a release in Europe to follow a month later on August 28th.

  • staticshade

    this game actually looks terrible (visually)

  • SarcasticPersona

    I’m in a weird place between throwing my money at ATLUS and putting my money back in my safe. Gameplay looks like a lot of fun and I enjoy the premise, but the actual game looks a bit off and the voice acting could use a bit of work. (Please remake Persona 3 for Vita if you aren’t busy with Persona 5 and Dancing all Night)