10Tons is bringing another entry in its Sparkle series over to the PlayStation Vita. Sparkle Unleashed will give players the ball busting action that they’ve come to expect in Sparkle but with a new twist. The introduction of the floating orb slinger along the bottom of the screen changes the dynamic in which this match-three marble shooter works.

Sparkle Unleashed will feature:

  • 108 new and challenging levels
  • Two additional difficulty settings
  • The never-ending Survival Mode.
  • 18 unique powerups to clear the screen
  • New challenges such as the Chained and Rock orbs.

And of course there is the change to the orb slinger. For those new to the Sparkle games, previous entries in the series featured a stationary slinger which players would rotate to eliminate the on-coming orbs around it. Now it will have to be lined up along the bottom in order to make the perfect shot.

Sparkle Unleashed will be available June 2 in NA and June 3 in EU for $7.99 and it will be Cross-Buy across the PS Vita/PS3/PS4.

  • Vlatko

    Oh, I have a first and second part, I can not wait more! 🙂

    • Buckybuckster

      Same here! Although, the new shooter set-up could make the game too easy. Probably why new difficulty levels were added.