The successful Kickstarter 2D horror game, Tokyo Dark, has a good chance of coming to the PS Vita says developer Cherrymochi.

In an interview with Siliconera, Williams says:

“For the Kickstarter we won’t be adding any extra platforms as stretch goals, we will be focusing on PC and Mac only – our workflow is tried and tested and we know we can bring a fantastic game to desktop.”

Adding later;

“Once Tokyo Dark is released on Steam next year, depending on sales and success of the game we hope to use the profits to explore porting Tokyo Dark to the PS Vita.”

Tokyo Dark has surpassed its initial goal of $33,000 and closes its campaign on July 10, though please remember that supporting this Kickstarter does not go towards a Vita stretch goal, but will go towards a successful PC run that may just give us that Vita version we’ve been wanting.

Tokyo Dark is expected to release on PC and Mac in 2016.

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