EA has made a big splash with the announcement of adding female players to FIFA 16. What they didn’t mention was a version of the game for the PS Vita. When Pocket Gamer reached out to EA for clarification, they were informed that FIFA 16 would no be coming to the Vita. Not even in a “legacy” version.

The FIFA series has had a rocky reputation on the Vita since the very first installment. The original FIFA for the Vita was panned by many for using the 2011 engine and tweaking the team rosters to make it a 2012 game. Little did we know at the time that it would be the best we’d ever get.

FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 were merely copies of that original game with roster updates and music track changes. EA branded them “legacy” editions. Things changed in FIFA 15 when the online functionality was stripped out. This proved to be indicative of things to come.

Fortunately Vita owners won’t have to suffer alone. EA has also revealed that FIFA 16 will also not be coming to the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii U. FIFA was once a staple game that could be found on every platform in existence, but that has all changed. The versions for the PS2 and PSP were only recently dropped, but it seems that with FIFA 16, EA is being more selective with which platforms they release on.

Details on mobile versions for the game on iOS and Android have not yet been announced.

  • chizwoz

    Lol it was either the Vita or the female footballers. They made their decision.

  • Buckybuckster

    Well, EA have no one but themselves to blame for the poor performance of the franchise on the Vita. NO commitment to improving the actual game and stripping features with each subsequent release isn’t exactly the way to endear yourselves to Vita football fans.

  • Johnnie

    It’s cool, I skipped the last two altogether because of that “Legacy Edition” crap. I will however be getting 16 on PS4…used. F u EA.

    • vongruetz .

      I’m right there with you. I love the game but not EA. I bought FIFA 14 used for both the Vita and PS4. I suspect I will do the same with FIFA 16. It’s a win-win for me since I get the game plus I get to help out a local used game store that isn’t GameStop.

  • UK-Craigie

    completely fuming about this, like fully. As a passionate and proud vita owner I have often complained about the state of our football game situation, the fact we have no pro evo to speak of has always frustrated me, its my preferred football game and would work so well. we have no football manager game, after one excellent entry they decided to not make another (tweet to me from SI said it was due to supply and demand) and now fifa is gone

    I know to a lot of people it wasn’t worth buying, i get that fully after all its a reskin, some of the transfers aren’t there and some notable players at big teams have unexplainable bald heads (callum chambers and like shaw off the top of my head)

    But im a football purist, i love an up to date version of fifa to carry around, fresh kits, fresh transfers. same game but the tweaks are all important to me

    This can’t be anything more than a week or two in work at best from ea, and it sits top of the vita charts in europe almost every week

    How hard is it for fifa to reskin, update the squads and take my £20 on launch day, this is one of the worst days for news in my almost 12 months of being a vita owner


  • Frederick Wong

    Meh…no big deal, as I’ve skipped out on all the FIFA games after the first one on the Vita due to them being branded “Legacy Edition”. If EA isn’t going to put in the work to make a decent game for the Vita, we shouldn’t be spending money on the games.

    • Donwel

      When they say legacy edition, what exactly are we talking here? Is it just a case of the game being little more than a roster update or have they stripped out features as well?
      To be honest I’ve never cared enough to check exactly what “Legacy Edition” entails because it kind of felt like getting dicked over by EA.

  • EndRant

    Konami should get on this and release pes on vita. It’s the better game anyway.

    • vongruetz .

      This has been my wish as well. Konami should go into the markets that FIFA has abandoned. And a good PES on Vita would be fantastic.

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        Konami wants to reach the bigger audience when it comes to their franchise.
        Of course, with their latest announcements, that means android and ios devices, not the PS Vita. You can’t really blame them, I guess. If there’s anyone to blame, it would be either android or ios. Or both.

        • scwiffy

          Or Sony for not pushing the system enough.


      I was waiting for this since the Vita released

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I would have bought this each year if it was actually a new game.

  • Logan Graham

    The buyers probably wised up to EA last year.

  • scwiffy

    Luckily I bought 15 in the sale to keep me going (havn’t bought any others since the original). Just hope PES jump on this.