Bloodstained: Ritual of the Nightthe spritual successor to the Castlevania series could make it’s way to Vita, if it manages to reach a $3,500,000 stretch goal on Kickstarter.

Created by Koji Igarashi, who was the original creator of the Castlevania series, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night launched on Kickstarter in early May 2015, and has since been a massive success and has currently been funded for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Wii U.

Should the stretch goal be met, the port will be handled by Armature Studios, who are no strangers to the Vita having previously brought Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to the handheld, they had the following to say regarding the potential Vita version:

We at Armature thank you so much for funding the Wii U version of Bloodstained. Now we have one more surprise for you… if Bloodstained makes it to $3.5mm, we will also be providing a Playstation Vita version of the game.

That’s right, the ultimate -vania game is going to make it back to a handheld platform. And don’t worry, this won’t mean a diminished experience on the Wii U – in fact, with both platforms having touch screens, it’ll probably mean more for both. We’ll also be working with the development team on the PS4 version to see what we can do to make both platforms complement each other.

We are especially grateful to be able to help out on this, as most of Armature’s games have been released on the PS Vita—that would be Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Injustice, and The Unfinished Swan, in case you’re counting. Our team knows the PS Vita platform inside and out, and we’ll do it justice as we bring you Bloodstained, running on UE4, to the PS Vita. Help us bring Bloodstained where -vania games belong – your hands!

At the time of writing the project still has 12 days left to go, so that means we’ve just 12 days to help bring this exciting looking game to our beloved handheld, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to help fund it and let us know in the comments if you do decide to pledge!

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Damn! such good news!

  • Kaboom

    … This is just luck if you ask me. I actually saw the kickstarter for that and was curious about getting it, but I didn’t have the systems to play it. And them about a week later, this shows up. Great news!

  • chizwoz

    Somehow doubt it will get there but excited anyway. This’d be perfect on Vita.

    • Kaboom

      I don’t know, money’s still steadily pouring into it. Every few hours there’s at least another couple thousand extra dollars in there.

    • Kicktraq seems to think it’ll reach $4.6 million and it’s much more accurate in the final third of a campaign.

      • chizwoz

        No way is it going that high! I agree it might make the vita though, hope so!

        • You were saying? 😀

          • chizwoz

            I am quite frequently wrong!

  • Yoyitsu

    Can the Vita even handle the UE4?

  • sand

    i just backed it. I definitely want this on my vita!

  • XtemmA2

    Still true that IGA won’t develop Bloodstained for last-gen consoles.

    • Shadzard

      Last-gen release in 2017? Are you serious?

      • XtemmA2

        haha. ikr?

  • Nonscpo

    Good luck everyone!

  • pkmaximum

    Backed this game the day it was announced. I am so thrilled that the Vita port is a strech-goal. We have to do this people! I have a feeling when this game does finally get its release, it will go down as one of the greatest games in history, cementing Vita’s existence in history 🙂

  • Tarkovsky

    “Created by Koji Igarashi, who was the original creator of the Castlevania series…”

    Just want to point out that Iga is not the creator of the Castlevania series. His first involvement in the series was as assistant director of Symphony of the Night. Nobody actually knows who created Castlevania due to how game credits were in the past but sources point to Hitoshi Akamatsu who also helmed and directed Castlevanias 2 and 3.

  • chizwoz

    Ok, it looks like it’s actually gonna make it!

  • AeroQC .

    Absolutely confident that this will come to Vita, will back it for sure if it passes that mark. Playing SOTN via DXC and am very excited for what could Bloodstained bring to the table.