Colin brought you news a few days ago that Loot Interactive was bringing Back to Bed to the Vita, but today we can confirm (thanks to Click Indie) they are actually planning on bringing three titles to the Vita.

Click Indie grabbed an exclusive interview with Loot Interactive’s Managing Director, David Sterling, who explained that the studio was pursuing a new initiative as a publisher of diverse indie titles.

He told the website: “When you take a look at our titles you’ll see a diverse group of games coming out. Some are a little more casual and some are very difficult but they are all great games”.

Whispering Willows

In addition to Back to Bed, Loot Interactive will be bringing Whispering Willows. Developed by NightLight Interactive, it is a “beautiful 2D adventure game that tells a horror-themed story from the perspective of a female protagonist with hand-painted artwork and a haunting soundtrack”. Sterling describes it as “a living story” and says that “it’s about the decisions you make and the discovery of the story”.


They also confirmed that they are working on Velocibox. Developed by Shawn Beck Games, the game is described as “an unforgivingly tough endless runner game that challenges players to safely guide a speeding box through an increasingly diabolical obstacle course”.

“One of the most challenging games that I’ve not only played but ever seen” Sterling told Click Indie. “It challenges physically because you’re always in a fast twitch, but it also challenges mentally on a whole different level”.

Click Indie will soon be publishing a full interview with Loot Interactive, so if these titles look interesting to you, be sure to check them out!

We don’t have any more information on these titles at this time other than they will be playable at this year’s E3, will feature cross buy and play with the PS4/3 versions and will be out before Autumn.

  • Devin Hudson

    I’m most interested in Whispering Willows out of the three, though I think they could all end up being pretty good.

  • zelduck

    “Whispering Willows” looks very much like “Child Of Light”…
    I like that!!!