If you’re any kind of PlayStation Vita follower on the internet, and happen to frequent a site other than The Vita Lounge, you might have noticed a bit of a freak out recently with regards to something I have coined to myself “The Legacy Console Debacle”.

Basically, this debacle all boils down to the fact that Andrew House – the current president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment – said this at the Sony IR Day 2015 event, during the Game and Network Services Segment (about 3 minutes in);

“We had an increase in some fixed expenses, notably around our network platform – and as you’re all aware, we took a write-off against some of our components for legacy platforms.”

…and while that was playing, this slide was shown;


Many sites took that off-hand comment from such a recognizable figurehead of the Sony empire to mean that the Vita and PlayStation TV are now legacy consoles, and that the console is confirmed to be dead by its creators – however this is simply a misunderstanding, and a product of the usual quick “dark” jump that PlayStation Vita owners and naysayers alike take with every bit of information dropped on the console by Sony.

The truth however, is that the PlayStation Vita isn’t dead – and when House referred to the writing off of legacy components he was in fact referring to the OLED model, which has been replaced in the West by the Slim. According to the unwritten laws of technology, when something is replaced by a newer model it becomes “legacy” – and that’s simply all that has happened here. This is not mere speculation, and has been confirmed by a Sony representative.

Now that we’ve tackled that misunderstanding blown way out of proportion, let’s poke a bit at the bigger picture; the perception that the PlayStation Vita is anything but a lively console with a lack of true awareness.

Let’s start with the most common misconception about the Vita; there aren’t any games – either available now, or announced as incoming. To this, I simply point people to my A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games topic on our forum, and reinforce with a smirk that there are over three-hundred-and-fifty (350!) unique Vita-native games available right now in any major PlayStation Network region – adding that there are over two-hundred-and-fifty (250!) titles announced to be releasing across those regions (180+ of those currently announced for the West).

Now, I’m not blind – I know there are holes in the Vita’s library (see my The Vita’s Library is Full of Holes – and We’ve Found Them article from last year for a taste of that), but for most people out there three-hundred-and-fifty plus titles available immediately to you means that it’s quite easy to find something to play.

I myself have over a hundred PlayStation Vita titles thanks to a slight bump from PlayStation Plus, and there are many others like me or surpassing me as I’m on the picky side. As my podcast co-host Tyler will gladly affirm (as well as anyone else who pays attention), I’m not the most adventurous of gamers – and I generally know beforehand what I’m going to like (to a certain degree) and only invest my time in those things. While I certainly respect those who are willing to try anything once, I simply don’t have the time for it all – and that’s saying something as Vita’s where 90% of my gaming is at (and I sleep so little that I’ve got the guys convinced I’m an advanced AI cyborg of some sort).

For anyone who isn’t interested in hype words like AAA or indie, the Vita offers a catalog of great games that are well worth your time and are also available for a great price – no small feat considering the fact that Sony has long since dropped first party support for games, but an accomplished one none-the-less.

Moving on down the chain, we have the lack of a worthwhile presence at major events like E3 – and the idea that this means nothing is being released or announced. While it’s definitely true that the Vita gets the shaft when it comes to getting some show in E3 press conferences – the only notable showing being before the console released in 2011 – it’s also true that PlayStation Vita releases and announcements for the West are as frequent as ever.

Check this out;

Vita Releases 2012-2014 Stats

The PlayStation Vita has been having year over year gains in releases for each quarter (aside from launch quarter stats), and has started the year with forty two releases in North America and thirty seven in both Japan and Europe – some of the biggest quarters we’ve ever had to date. Not only that, but calendar years have been seeing an increase in releases by quarter – meaning that if trend is anything to go by, we’re in for yet another record year full of record release quarters.

But what about announcements? Well, the PlayStation Vita doesn’t really need new games announced at events – they’re announced almost daily. Between the time that The Legacy Console Debacle was sparked (May 27th), and right now (early morning June 1st) there have been seven Western release announcements – bringing the total for the month to seventeen. That’s only counting games announced for the West during the course of May, and does not include games announced as Japan only – meaning that if May is anything to go by, you can expect a Western release game announcement more often than once every two days. That’s pretty good for a “dead” console, don’t you think?

How about exposure? Well, while any fool with a few working brain cells will certainly agree that the Vita could do well with some more mainstream gaming exposure at events like E3 and Gamescom – as we’ve seen happen even with the smaller Sony-only PlayStation Experience event – it’s simply not something that’s given the marketing or advertising by Sony to get there. The Vita has had under five minutes of presentation time during each of the last three E3 press conferences, and we’re honestly not expecting that to change any time soon – but just because the Vita may be ignored by Sony, certainly doesn’t mean it’s not getting attention elsewhere.

How about the “lack of news” regarding Vita games? Well, I hate to burst your bubble yet again… but that’s not true either. The Vita Lounge has posted over a thousand news posts in the last eight months – most of them for games that were coming, already came, or are still coming to the West. There may be a perceived lack of coming titles or news, but that’s just because not everyone is as thorough as we are.

So let’s recap; over a third of all announced Vita games are still incoming (and that’s just what we know about right this minute), the number of releasing titles is growing year over year, and we’ve got tons of news rolling in – maybe more than ever. In addition, more and more developers are discovering the platform all the time, and many of them are sticking with it once they’ve had a taste – making for a new-release support structure that doesn’t rely on Sony as its cornerstone.

All these little facts bring us to a rather harsh truth for the naysayers, and an oh-so-sweet one for the faithful; the Vita lives, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon – no matter what anyone says.

  • vongruetz .

    Excellent. I would argue that Sony should probably stop producing AAA games for the PS4 as well since it’s more cost effective to purchase exclusives than to gamble with their first party stuff. Outside of Naughty Dog, all their other studios are very hit or miss (with a lot more misses lately).

  • Carl

    The PS Vita is perceived dead, because Sony execs don’t say a word about it at big conferences, nor any big and influential gaming sites (which I won’t name) cover its news. And 1st party support is gone, too. There is no Tearaway and the like coming to Vita, nor 3rd party AAA games like Assassin’s Creed Liberation. Still, all those smaller indie games are welcome to a portable platform. I don’t expect a multi-million AAA project like God of War for Vita, but at least I ‘d like to see some 1st party support (apart from Japan Studio).

    • scwiffy

      Spot on. Sony is the reason Vita is perceived dead. I will never never understand why Sony treats the Vita the way it does. But I don’t worry too much because as this article says there’s plenty of games

  • Great article, you can always rely VL to get it right 🙂 It is rather unfortunate that Sony creates these fantastic platforms and then loses interest almost straight away, though if you visit Japan you’ll see it everywhere – the problem seems very much to be a Western one.

    • dark-kyon

      They never have interest in the platform,his plan was give the machine at thids party publishers,that work somehow in japan,but failed in the west where sony really care.the internal studios of sony make clearly what they don’t want to work in vita,they are all in selling cinematic games with great graphics,thing what with vita don’t work.

  • XrosBlader821

    Good Job on the Article

  • XtemmA2

    Excellent article nowhere else to be found but here at TVL!
    PS: Please get some sleep once in a while, Kyle.

  • Great article, good points overall. I think that a great problem with Vita is that Sony doesn’t do simply things like talk about the games on the platform, Vita Lounge, Gematsu, etc does a job MUCH more effective.

  • Martin

    Kyle, you need a medal, no, a national,sorry, an international award ! No, you deserve something much better. Honestly, I’m really happy whenever I see someone say that they love the vita.

  • Nonscpo

    Great article and I agree, the Vita is passed the point where conventions will contribute in any meaningful way. At this point anybody who wants a Vita already owns one! It will be difficult to convince someone who’s buried there head in the sand, that has convinced himself/herself that the Vita’s got no games, that the PSVITA in fact does have games; even if they aren’t the specific ones there looking for.

  • Kezz182

    Very interesting, in-depth article. It’s nice to still see passion for the console, only going into the positives; it’s what we like to read as Vita owners. It’s clear and has been for a while that Sony has no interest in supporting the machine, which is still a damn shame. It’s an excellent piece of hardware, but there’s still not enough big studios taking advantage of it (don’t get me wrong though, I’ve played some impressive stuff), and it really bugs me. While the indies have done an excellent job at keeping the platform alive, it’s not enough. Vita has huge potential, and I’m gutted Sony isn’t doing anything about it. It could truly be something special with the right amount of marketing and first-party support, but I shall continue to cherish my Vita, if only for being my portable indie machine. Just the way things are now, it’s unlikely to see Sony staying in the handheld market after this… Hasn’t had the same level of love as the PSP before it.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    I love my vita. I play it every day while my other consoles like the x1 and ps4 don’t get touched.

  • Good article, I like the breakdown explaining why its this way.

  • APA

    Awesome article, @teflontactics:disqus! It shows the truth with facts on our favorite “zombie” handheld!

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Amazing article! Vita is here to stay and reign them all!

  • the-dragon-bane

    great article kyle. it’s sad to see people want such a good console like the vita dead.

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  • Jam Chua

    here’s to hoping capcom releasing a english monster hunter g and monster hunter x on the vita as well. come to think of it. G was released in japan last year on the vita. It usually takes them a year to release an english version.

  • We should stop writing and reading very long articles saying Vita is alive, and ask Sony to make TV ads for every new big game coming on Vita, like Nintendo does.

    10 millions of Vitas sold and 50 millions 3Ds sold around the world.

    Plenty of already released games and incoming games on PS Vita may be advertised with a 5 seconds TV ad that will sell plenty of Vitas: Killzone Mercenary, Dragon’s Crown, Tearaway, Dragonball Z Battle of Z, Toukiden 1 & 2, Soul Sacrifice 1 & 2, One Piece Unlimited World Red, Freedom Wars, Danganronpa 1 & 2 & 3, Sword Art Online 1 & 2, Minecraft, Helldivers, J-Stars Victory VS+, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Persona 4 Dancing All Night, and so.

    That’s the only way to let people know that the Vita is the best handeld ever made, with retina screen and true analog dual sticks, with lots of quality games, and still the best way to play the PlayStation universe everywhere, all of this in order to sell more Vitas.

    Because most people buy only what TV throws at them, very few people like us are looking for the truth.

    With more Vitas sold around the world, AAA games economics will work on Vita.
    Don Mesa, because you said it does not work, you encourage third parties to give up with the Vita.

    Stop complaining or explaining and ask Sony for PS Vita TV ads !!!

  • Bucket_O_Poop

    Why cant we just play our vitas and not worry about this kind of stuff we can have such a toxic vita community sometimes

    • We do, but that toxic element of our fantastic community is exactly why we have to give our opinion on this kind of thing. For all the amazing fans, developers and alternative enthusiast sites and youtubers there are also Vita sites which harbour negativity and produce content which doesn’t help. We try to reach everyone and explain the things that they don’t see.