Koei Tecmo announced that a remake of their dating sim title, Angelique, will be coming to the PlayStation Vita and the PSP later this year as Angelique Retour.

The announcement – made during the recent ‘Neo Romance 20th Anniversary Concert’ that was held in the Kanagawa Prefecture Kenmin Hall – also confirmed an October release date for the title in Japan.

Angelique has been remade several times, with the first title appearing in 1994 for the SNES. The focus of the game is on protagonist Angelique, who has been selected as a candidate to become Queen of the Cosmos after the previous Queen’s power of balancing elemental forces begin to slip away.

As she is not the only candidate, Angelique will have to compete to become Queen of the Cosmos. This competition pits the potential Queens against each other, with each one given a land that they need to populate. The Queen that completes the task first will become Queen of the Cosmos.

The competing candidates will be able to call on the help of nine Guardians and use their powers to make the people of the land happy (or to cause grief to the people of rival candidate’s lands). This is where the dating sim part of the game is called upon as Angelique can befriend the Guardians and possibly fall in love with them.

There is a tough decision to make here as if you do fall in love with a Guardian you must give up any hopes of becoming the next Queen. To make things tougher for Angelique, a new character has been thrown into the mix for the PlayStation Vita and PSP versions called Brian.



Angelique will meet Brian on the continent. Brian is wise, egocentric and his age is unknown. He likes to talk about himself alot, making it difficult to approach him. Brian sees Angelique as a bit of a slow witted girl, and although he does sound like a complete jerk he has the looks that attracts the ladies.

If this type of game interests you, then be sure to keep an eye on TVL as we will have more info on Angelique Retour as soon as it is made available.