XSEED has announced the localization of busty action/RPG Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, and it’s said to be coming later this year.

XSEED have been on a roll lately, and it seems like their plan for PlayStation Vita was only partly revealed the other day – a few more titles getting the announcement treatment this afternoon. The first of these announcements for the day is Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – the sequel to last year’s stellar Shinovi Versus.

Here’s the official description, via XSEED’s press release;

A mystical phenomenon transports the buxom beauties of SENRAN KAGURA to a parallel dimension to face off against their rivals in a new kind of battle. In this strange world – which resembles a sunny, sandy island paradise – the girls are thrown for another loop as they encounter departed loved ones and ultimately have to decide if they can bear to part from them a second time. With the biggest roster in the series’ history, SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS features more moves, more story, more attitude, and more destruction online with matches that can support up to four players. All previous shinobi return with a host of upgraded moves to master, and new playable characters offer more challenges to conquer, along with a story that’s equal parts sexy and shocking, serious and scandalous, busty and bouncy.

Have we tickled your interest?

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus is due out in North America sometime in the Winter of 2015, and you can get more information on the game (via previous Japanese news) here.

As for a European release – we promise we’ll keep an eye out.

  • Nonscpo

    My interest has been piqued!

  • Member

    This is a nitpick, but I wouldn’t call this an RPG. You can level up to get new moves, but that’s it in terms of RPG stuff. It’s more of a Beat ‘Em Up.

  • Buckybuckster

    XSEED is on a roll with another awesome and clearly bouncy announcement!

    Is it just me, or does seem that this period where we get all of these pre-E3 announcements is becoming more and more exciting than the actual show itself? Especially as far as the Vita is concerned.

  • Lester Paredes

    My interest is literally bouncing with excitement!

  • Devin Hudson

    I haven’t even got around to playing Shinovi Versus yet, though with this news I definitely have more of an urge to do so now. Hopefully this game gets a spiffy limited edition as well.

  • Ayumu Lan

    Fabulous and Glorious.
    If Europe isn’t gonna be ninja enough to sell this in stores, I’ll def. import this from the states.
    (because f*ck digital downloads )