New trailer shows how you can become an expert in each class.

ATLUS have shined some light on the Intermediate Classes available in Dungeon Travelers 2. As we already know, the five basic classes in the game are Fighter, Magic User, Scout, Maid and Spieler. When characters reach level 15 in a class, at least two further class options will become available. These are known as Intermediate Classes, which allow characters to become even stronger in that class. For example, a scout can learn to be a ranged Archer or melee Assassin.

What makes this such a good addition is the fact that you can experiment with the different Intermediate Classes. If you don’t like one, you can reset each characters skill points and use them to access another class. You can even drop all the points into one skill, max it out and properly get a feel for how powerful you can become. There is little consequence to doing this, as each character will always stay at each major milestone level they have reached, e.g. Level 15, 30 or 45. You can get a better idea of the Intermediate Classes in the trailer below.

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is set to release this Summer in North America, with a European release to follow this Autumn.

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    Does anybody know if the calendar that comes pre-ordered with this title is exclusive to any one retailer? None of the stores I ask know about it?