We’ve met quite a few members of the¬†Tokyo Xanadu¬†cast since the games initial announcement earlier this year, but we have recently been introduced to a new member, and this ones got attitude.

Shio Takahata is seen as a delinquent of sorts, never really making his way into causing trouble, He was once part of a team called BLAZE, but following a certain ‘incident’ he decided to step down, but since then he’s learnt of a rival team mimicking his team actions.

Shio’s weapon is a sword style soul device, and while the size of his weapon makes him the slowest member of the party, the strength of his techniques make him one of the most powerful.

Shio also comes with 4 special moves, Flare slash allows him to shoot a wave of fire which can hit multiple enemies at once, Blast edge starts off with a downward slash and then dashes towards the enemies to deliver a devastating blow, this technique can also be used as an evasive manoeuvre.

With Ignis Break Shio swings his sword in the air, which then allows him to attack enemies in various directions. And finally, his X-Strike allows him to deliver multiple slashes to an enemy before jumping into the air and surrounding himself with fire before delivering a final devastating blow.

Tokyo Xanadu launches on September 30th in Japan, in the meantime check out some screenshots on Shio in action and be sure to keep your eyes peeled on The Vita Lounge as we’ll be bringing you more news leading up to the games launch.

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    This game still looks good.