The official website for Tokyo Xanadu has revealed details on how you will battle monsters called ‘Greed’ – which will be found in the game’s mysterious Xanadu dungeons.

To defeat these enemies you will need to use attribute weaknesses. The five main attributes in the game are Fire, Wind, Steel, Spirit and Shadow. Each Greed will have their own weakness, meaning that you will need to figure out how to fight them and exploit their weakness in order to fight them efficiently.

To find a Greed’s weakness you will need to target them. As expected, if you attack a Greed with an attack it is weak to you will see more damage dealt than normal. If you attack with an attribute they are strong against you will find that your attack is not as effective.

Once locked on to a Greed you will be able to see their weakness, and each of the members in your party has their own attribute-type, so you may find that you will be switching characters a lot in order to defeat the Greed. Below we see the five known characters and their attributes. These are; Kou (Fire), Sore (Wind), Yuuki (Steel), Asuka (Spirit) and Mitsuki (Shadow).


You will also find that when your party is attacked using Shadow damage, all members apart from Mitsuki will take extra damage as Mitsuki is a Shadow-type character. For this reason, it will be wise to have Mitsuki as your main character when battling shadow-based enemies.

Progressing through the game’s story will see characters learn ‘Drive Abilities’, which will add extra effects to ‘X Drives’. These will depend on the character’s attribute and will see a flame-type character like Kou learn ‘Flame Burst’ – which will increase critical hit chances. If more than one member in your party has the same Drive Ability you will see this ability stack and its effects will be multiplied!

Tokyo Xanadu is set to release in Japan on September 30th. With no news as of yet on a Western release, be sure to keep an eye on TVL for all the news you will need regarding this title in the coming months.

  • Nonscpo

    Why must this game look so good?

  • Buckybuckster

    Not expecting much in the way of surprises at E3 as far as the Vita is concerned, but a announcement of a localization for Xanadu would be very much welcome.