Have you been following development for Mike Bithell’s latest title, Volume? We certainly have and those of you that have been paying attention will know it’s one of our most anticipated titles so we were very excited to learn that Mike has now revealed the release date alongside a new trailer.

Releasing on August 18th and launching first on Vita, PS4 and Steam, Volume is a classic remaining of the legendary Robin Hood fable and a stealth game at heart, packed with a cracking narrative and some inventive gameplay. The game requires you to out think and out wit the AI and is all about not getting caught. There’s no tackling the guards or going out fighting, you are really going to have to use your brain.

What do you think of the trailer? Have you been looking forward to this coming out? We have followed up about the release date and would expect a EU release to be on the 19th, and will update this post when we know for sure.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice to see Volume is finally close to release! But I have to admit, stealth segments in games always make me incredibly (and embarrassingly) nervous.

    I’ve been playing The Sly Collection. The consequences of discovery aren’t as dire and serious as other games with stealth components. Even so I still sweat bullets making sure I remain unseen. It’s sad yet fun at the same time so I’m sure Volume will end up in my Vita collection.

  • scwiffy