The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter project is turning out to be more significant for the PS Vita than originally anticipated. The stretch goal to create a Vita version of the game has been fully funded, and while that is exciting enough, it’s not as significant as the piece of news that Armature Studios revealed shortly after.

In order to bring Bloodstained over to the Vita, Armature must first port over the Unreal Engine 4 as it is not currently supported. This is going to be a monumental task for the studio and a lot of hard work is going to be needed to see it successfully come over. This project garnered a lot of attention from other UE4 developers who expressed interest in using this ported version of the engine to help bring other games over to the Vita as well.

Therefore, Armature has announced that after they have successfully completed the port, they will share the UE4 Vita code for free to any authorized developer on the platform. The ramifications of this move could prove to be enormous for Vita owners.

Having a version of Unreal Engine 4 up and running for the PS Vita would give developers another tool to create games for the system, or more likely, to port their current projects over. Along with Unity (which is already supported on the Vita) the Unreal Engine is one of the most popular game engines currently available. Armature bringing it to the Vita is great news for gamers everywhere.

  • Lester Paredes

    Really? Wow… That’s quite an unintended prize for vita owners and developers. Well, I knew I wanted to play this game, but now I think it’s purchase has been all but confirmed.

  • Logan Graham

    Wow. Shouldn’t this have been Sony or Epic’s job?

    • Lester Paredes

      Yes, it should have. Epic stopped porting unreal 3 (I think) after some impressive results for some reason and Sony doesn’t care.

  • Frank Jones

    I just hope this doesn’t come too late to matter.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I just came, shame on Sony.

  • Buckybuckster

    Wow, UE4 on the Vita! Pretty decent of Armature to give the code away for free to help bring more games to the system. I doubt our pals at Sony would be as generous. They are far to content to let others do the heavy lifting when it comes to making the Vita a success. I literally cringe when I see a Sony rep say that they just luuuv the Vita. Uh, okay, well I hope I’m still around to see the day when they start to prove it!

    As far as Bloodstained is concerned, bring it on Iga! Man 2017 seems so far away!

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    This is awesome news! I’d love to see a vita revival! My favourite gaming device needs more love from people, if they’d only give it a chance they’d see how fantastic the vita really is.

  • Frederick Wong

    Hope this gives the Vita a second chance, and that it gets a lot of other developers interested in the console.

  • Chesterlots

    A major win here, the Vita is open to so many more titles now with an incredibly low porting cost if it isn’t an original title for the system. I hope they continue to update the version of UE4 for the Vita as time goes on.