Moero Crystal‘s journey for bras story-line wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of perverted weirdos to attempt the task, would it?

Well good news then, as Dengeki and Siliconera have provided details and renders for three such beings;

04_cs1w1_284x400Zenox is the main protagonist of Moero Crystal and is known as the walking lucky pervert due to consistently finding himself in strange and (supposedly) unexpected situations around the opposite sex.


Luanna is the guardian of the great shrine that once held the “Bra of Perpetual Darkness”, and is known for being a little too interested in matters of carnal implication.


06_cs1w1_284x400Lulucie is a shrine maiden of the great shrine, and as such has the ability to be possessed by a goddess as well as the power to easily gain trust. Both mysterious and skilled, she’s someone to watch out for.


Moero Crystal will release in Japan sometime this year.

Are your hands ready?

  • Nonscpo

    What an interesting and promising looking game, hopefully well be seeing a localization for this and it’s predecessor game.

    • Tom van Aken

      Would not mind seeing that either! Compile Heart has shown before to know very well how to find the proper balance between fanservice and comedy.