Taiko Drum Master: V Version will release with a free DLC pack featuring three additional songs.

This DLC pack will be free for a limited time, with early adopters of the game able to download it at no extra cost up until the 31st August (the game releases on July 9th).

Bandai Namco have only revealed one of these three songs, which is called ‘Tutti!’ – the ending theme for Japanese anime Hibike! Euphonium. There has been no word yet whether this DLC will become paid after August 31st, or whether it will be an exclusive perk for those that do invest in the game from the beginning.

Bandai Namco has also unveiled a few more songs that will be joining the roster too:

Game Music

  • Ridge Racer Steps -GMT Remix-
  • Fantasy Zone OPA-OPA! -GMT Remix-
  • Densha de Densha de Go! Go! Go! GC! -GMT Remix-


  • Hakuchou no Mizuumi (Still a Duckling)

Set to release in Japan on July 9th, be sure to keep an eye on TVL for more news on Taiko Drum Master: V Version as and when we have it!

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