According to a post on Siliconera, it looks like Rage Burst is set to get a version 1.30 update in the near future – and with it comes some interesting additions.

The first of these additions is a series of two short new episodes – one called “Kate’s Wish” centering around character Haruomi Makabe, and another called “Strasbourg’s Father” which will revolve around character Emil von Strasbourg.

Next up is the addition of “familiar” new missions, some new abilities, and a “that” character who will appear as a NPC guest (and an ally).

…and lastly, we can look forward to the reveal of some fan designed costumes, which were submitted in response to a February event and will be announced – along with further details – at God Eater Festival 2015.

More information will be made available on June 28th or later (as that’s when the festival starts), so be sure to check back around then for more information.

  • Chance

    hopefully the anime in july is well recieved here in north america so that his game gets a better shot at being localised

  • Nonscpo

    I’d be happier if it were localized, oh well guess there’s the upcoming anime.