Ackk Studios has revealed their E3 trailer for their post-modern RPG YIIK.

This trailer comes to you by way of Ackk’s Tumblr account, and gives us yet another look at the roleplaying game based on internet and computer lore.

Check it out;

Ack Studios’ Twitter account also took to giving up some new stuff, dropping details on the game’s battle systems and characters (via these five consecutive tweets);

“In YIIK, every character has a completely unique style of battle commands and input. No character is alike!

  • Alex fights with a judgement ring (shadow hearts) style action input, on a revolver turn table!
  • Vella, an avid gamer and musician, fights using a combo of arcade style mini games, and music/rhythm based attacks!!
  • Rory, is a pacifist, who won’t attack enemies on principal. But he’s no push over! Rory will take damage for his party, as well as sacrifice his own MP and HP to heal his party. He can even convince enemies to give up the fight, and take it easy.”

YIIK is set to release sometime this Winter for PlayStation Vita, and seems to be coming along nicely. 🙂

  • Nonscpo

    Oh wow its been awhile since we heard from this game.

  • Buckybuckster

    That’s a pretty unique party make-up! Tha battle system is equally non-standard too. Looking forward to learning more.