The PlayStation 4 may be getting the most love from Sony at E3 (as usual), but we weren’t completely left out in the sale either.

We’re not likely to get a proper PlayStation Store release post today in North America (due to all the commotion), however we have picked up a few sales thanks to the Best of E3 event on the PSN in exchange.


So does anything tickle your fancy? I can’t speak for the PSP titles, but there’s some good Vita ones there!

  • WillMerfi

    I was hoping for better sales since they have nothing new to sell this week.

    • Well it seems like there are other (not directly E3 related) sales going on as well, but as nothing’s been detailed it’s going to take a bit of digging. Stay tuned.

      • WillMerfi

        I’ll dig for those other sales. Hopefully there’s something better there.

  • William Jin

    So does anything tickle my fancy? NO!

    • Nonscpo

      I have to agree there really isn’t anything that stands out, best to save my money for some other important releases 🙁

  • Rochard Sauveur

    I think I will pickup Counterspy, I have been waiting for the price to drop with that title.

  • Logan Graham

    I picked up Super Mario 3D Land. I forgot that I had a 3DS with no Mario games. *shame* I had most of the good stuff already. I’m holding out on Borderlands because I have a feeling that’s going to get PS+ed before too long.

    • GeminiR

      Yes… I had that feeling with Killzone, and it finally happened: PS+ed.

  • GeminiR

    It’s a good time to pick up LEGO marvel super heroes in anticipation for LEGO Avengers… sadly (or gladly?) I had already picked it up in a previous sale. Nice game but now blown away by LEGO Batman. Let’s hope Avengers keeps it up 😀 … has anyone tried Streetkix Freestyle?

  • Danny Klemola

    NFS Most Wanted Rocks $10 Too ! Mc Lovin It !