Thanks to Dual Shockers, we have learned that Sony have applied to make a couple of minor changes to the build design of the slim model of the PS Vita.

According to a certification published by the FCC, the PCH 2000 series has now moved to version 2.2 and the re-certification is because the “antenna and non-transmitter circuit changed from the original device”.

Hardware continually evolves over the life-cycle of a system, usually with newer models of changes to reduce manufacture costs so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Whilst Sony aren’t supporting the Vita with the level of software that they could, it does illustrate that the Vita is still part of their plans and is not being scrapped, giving strength to the “Legacy System” suggestion referring to the 1000 series model.

Other observations show that the LAN adapter is now is manufactured by Foxconn instead of Sony, and the antenna gain for Bluetooth has also been changed from -2.1 dBi to 0.73 dBi. Dual shockers also had images highlighting the changes between the two certificates.

New Certifications for PS Vita

Info 1

Info 3

Old Certification for PS Vita

Info 2

Info 4

What do you make of this little bit of news?

  • scwiffy


  • Mauricio Quintero

    This month is just geting more depressing, for all PS Vita fans.

    • Ali Johnson

      I have been depressed as hell all this month for some unknown reason and u told me why thanks bruh

      • Mark Ktizm

        I’m disappointed in Sonys e3 for vita. I want more games I wanna play vita more than ps4! The past 2 gears been crap titles barely any.

    • Tony Rojas Rodriguez

      not really bro, you got alot of games to last you a decade.. im happy with what we got.

  • Hamzawesome

    So…is this a good thing or a bad thing?

    • It’s a good thing if you want better Wi-Fi and are willing to pony up the cash for a new Vita to get it; it’s a “who cares” thing if not.

      • Britta Stabenow

        I actually wouldn’t mind better WiFi. However, I’m a bit wary about the LAN adapter now coming from Foxconn (!) rather than Sony.

  • Frank Jones


    jk. I don’t really care.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    This is a good thing. It means they’re not cancelling the Vita if they’re making plans for revising the hardware. What would you all prefer to read, this or ‘Vita consoles will cease production?’

    • Timberman

      This 🙂

    • Nonscpo

      Id rather read that they weren’t lowering the quality of their product, however until we get more reports or an actual review of the new Vita, it’s best to hold off opinions until we have more info.

      • moijk

        It is not a new vita. i´

  • Danny Klemola

    OLED 1000 Forever ….. Keep Yer Extra Hour … & Plastic Toy’ish Feel